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Get Acquainted With An Actor; Anthony Konechny

Get Acquainted With An Actor; Anthony Konechny

Anthony Konechny is proving he has the acting chops to go along with his chiseled face as his career continues to blossom. The 25 year old Vancouver and LA based actor has humble beginnings from roles like the delivery boy, buff guy and drunk dude.

Appearances in many local silver-screen productions like Motive and Supernatural led to recurring roles in Almost Human and Witches of East End as well as appearances in big box office movies like Godzilla and 50 Shades of Grey. More recently Anthony played Jory Marquet on Lifetime’s TV film adaptation of Seeds of Yesterday.

Anthony Konechny took a few minutes between takes on set of his current secret project to talk acting with 604 Now:

What sparked your interest in becoming an actor?

I always enjoyed performing, and first got into acting in high school with a film/TV elective but really got a taste with drama class. Then I went to theatre school for 2 years and have been studying with some great teachers ever since.

How did you pursue becoming an actor?

I had to make a decision of whether or not I could pursue what I loved doing and make a living. I think it’s a hard decision for some folks to really go after it. But for me, there was no Plan B. If I was going to do, I would do it, and I had to get aggressive and persistent.

What is the one definitive thing you took away from studying theatre and film

How to use your body, get into your body and be real. The power of the breath and how to utilize it to serve you.

Starting off your career in Vancouver gave you big exposure to the BC film industry, what has your experience working in Hollywood North been like?

It’s been great. Everyone’s got such good energy in this city and great attitudes.

How did you reach the decision to move to LA?

I hit a point where I wanted to tackle the bigger jobs, and get connected with the ‘juice’ that comes from LA. I got in touch with a great manager and agency, and made the plunge!

Get Acquainted With An Actor; Anthony Konechny

What has your small appearance in the big 50 Shades of Grey movie meant to you

It really got my face out there and opened up a lot of doors!

Get Acquainted With An Actor; Anthony Konechny

Having competed in a body physique competition, how do you balance your passion for health and fitness with your acting career?

It’s a very fine balance! There’s definitely a bit of a trap in bodybuilding with getting muscle-bound, or ‘numb’ so to speak which can shut down your instrument. But I’ve been fortunate enough to be in touch with some great voice coaches to maintain that freedom and fluidity to be a fully present actor. I’ve also been playing soccer for over 20 years.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone that has a passion for theatre or film and wants to become an actor?

Know your value.
To see what Anthony Konechny is working on next visit www.AnthonyKonechny.com

Interview by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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