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Fright Nights Bucket List: 5 Exciting Things To Do Before Halloween

Fright Nights Playland

Photo: Fright Nights

Halloween is casting its shadow as the end of the month looms. With much to do to celebrate Hallow’s Eve, Fright Nights at Playland offers not-to-be-missed attractions that are sure to put you and your friends’ bravery to the test. So whether you’re a first-timer or a frequent visitor, prepared to get spooked at this year’s event.

Here’s our bucket list of treats and things to do at Fright Nights 2019.

A Dose of Pumpkin Spice

mini donuts pumpkin spice
Photo: Fright Nights

What’s a visit to Playland without mini donuts? Treat yourself to Playland favourites, like cotton candy, caramel apples, and pretzels. But don’t forget to try out the pumpkin spice mini donuts.

Get Spooked at the Haunted Houses

Fright Nights Playland
Photo: Fright Nights

One of the newest (and freakiest) haunted houses a part of the Fright Nights collection is Bloodshed, and it’s inhabited by mutated murderers. Prepare to defend yourself and your partner, of course against an onslaught of gore and some very hungry cannibals.

There are seven more haunted houses to bear throughout the park, including Darkness, known for being home to the evil incarnate that lurks within it.

In Hollywood Horrors, experience your nightmares come to life, including Freddy Kreuger and Jason Vorhees.

Get Some Liquid Courage

You might need a drink to calm your nerves, after an evening of horror. Stop by the Sanitarium Bar to help take the edge off in between attractions. You can find it at the north end of the park near the Crazy Beach Party.

A Night of Horror and Vaudeville

Monsters of Schlock
Photo: Fright Nights

If Fear Factor and Last Comic Standing had mutant offsprings, they’d be known as the Monsters of Schlock.

Monsters of Schlock is reminiscent of the days where people got their kicks from vaudeville and carnival shows. Watch as these two comedians pull off some incredible physical stunts, who have been burned, bloodied, and bruised, all “in the name of comedy.” Shows run at select times, so ensure you check their schedule and secure a seat.

Check out the views from atop the AtmosFear

Fright Nights Playland
Photo: Fright Nights

The view from above the AtmosFear is a different experience at night – one you should experience if you appreciate a bird’s eye view of Vancouver.

You and your date can look on in awe at the twinkling city lights among the darkness while soaring 218ft up to the sky and spinning 360° at 70km/hr. The Beast is another ride that provides a similar experience, especially when the sky is black.

Playland has about 20 rides in store included in your admission, so you won’t be short of choices for an exhilarating late-October evening.


Two tricks for an enjoyable and thrilling evening: Arrive early (before 7:00pm) and purchase your ticket(s) in advance, to save money and time at the gate!

Fright Nights is open on select nights from now until October 31, beginning daily at 7:00 pm. For more information on tickets or additional attractions, check out frightnights.ca online.

This is branded content and was sponsored by our advertising partner. To learn more about Fright Nights at Playland, visit them online.


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