Fright Nights 2019

Fright Nights 2019

Halloween in Vancouver just isn’t complete without Fright Nights at Playland. Thankfully, Fright Nights 2019 is back!

“Western Canada’s scariest haunt” will be running on select nights from October 4th to October 31st.

Fright Nights 2019

Fright Nights 2019

Photo: Playland At The PNE

Here are this year’s attractions.

The Bloodshed

“This family of mutated murderers and sadistic aberrations feed on your fear, and your insides. Their wholesome foundation is built on the blood and bones of their victims. They’ll kidnap and mutilate anyone who dares visit The Bloodshed. Enter at your own risk.”


“A 3D Experience. Coulrophobia is an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns. The term is common, but it does not appear to be used in psychology. Symptoms Include: Feeling of panic, Feeling of terror, Feeling of dread, Rapid heartbeat, Shortness of breath, Trembling intense fear, Anxiety, Overwhelming desire to flee, Extreme measures taken to avoid clowns…If you’re able.”


“Witness the fate of those who dared to bargain with the Angel of Death. But be warned: within these walls lurk creatures born of pure evil, who exist only to torment and torture those who are lost in Darkness.”


“What are you afraid of? Face your phobias at FEAR. Fear will bring you face-to-face with your innermost nightmares, the things you avoid during the day, and hope to not dream about at night. What makes you scream like a little girl, cringe in horror, or shrivel in disgust? You’ll face them all in Fear. The dentist is waiting, the cliff is just around the corner, germs are surrounding you and hoards of wild animals are hungry to attack. You’ll even be presented with your own coffin awaiting your burial… did we mention you’re still alive! Fear brings to life all phobias and forces you to face your fears as you attempt to make your way through. Good luck.”

Hollywood Horrors


Killers stalk the halls patiently awaiting victims. From a dark corner, a bladed glove glistens in the flickering light. Hidden in the shadows lies a cannibalistic genius. The sound of a rusty chainsaw echoes through the hallways.

CUT TO: You … afraid, alone, with nowhere to run.”

Haunted Mansion

“There is a new family in town. This Haunted Mansion, mastered by the deviously brilliant Dr. Luther Van Horn, has been transformed from a once lovely Manor into a house of horror. Experience the sounds of terror that travel through all crevasses of this oversized Mansion. Encounter the destructive descendants of the Van Horn family who stalk the halls of the large Manor waiting … for you. You have been cordially invited.”

Keepers Doll Factory

“It’s a myth of cloaked men, giants covered in scars, porcelain faces and missing limbs. Thing is, the myth seems frighteningly real in the abandoned Keepers Doll Factory. It is said that cloaked men lurk through the halls of the Factory searching for human sacrifices to harvest limbs from. Those who choose to enter might leave with a few less parts and a few extra cracks than they came in with. This experience is not one for the faint of heart.”

Materia Medica (Formerly “Asylum”)

“Check into this hospital and you may check out with less body parts than you arrived with… that is, if you can get out! It’s in this ward that deranged doctors return from the dead to wreak havoc on unsuspecting patients.”

Haunted Mansion

Photo: Playland At The PNE

In addition, select dates will feature “The Monsters of Schlock”, in which two comedians perform a variety of gnarly physical stunts.

They’ll also be several Fright Night Freaks you can meet, including a demon-doll named Mina, a Darth Maul-looking demon named Beliel, an eyeless boogeyman named Slits, as well as the menacing clown Crispy, and Meatbag, a doctor.

And, of course, all of Playland’s signature rides will be available, and it’s all included with admission!

General admission tickets will run you $25, while a skip-the-line Rapid Pass will cost you $65. Full admission details and hours can be found, here.

October is finally here.

For more great Halloween events in Vancouver, check out our Events page!

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Fright Nights At Playland 2019

Location: Playland At The PNE - 2901 E Hastings Street

Admission: $25 (General Admission) - $65 (Rapid Pass)

Date: Friday October 4th, 2019 - Thursday October 31st, 2019

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