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You Can Fly To Round-trip Vancouver To Tropical Costa Rica For $399 CAD (TAX INCL)

Costa Rica

If you were saddened to see snow in Metro Vancouver this week, a cheap ticket to the tropics might be particularly enticing.

This ticket with American Airlines flies you round-trip Vancouver to Costa Rica for only $399.41 CAD including tax – wow! Considering that a ticket to the sun-drenched shores of this Central American gem would cost you roughly a grand right now, that is a great deal. Granted, the prices settle closer to $600 after the holidays, but this is still a very cheap deal.

The dates of travel are from April 17th – 30th, 2018.

Costa Rica
Photo: American Airlines


You can purchase your ticket here.

Explore Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world. With myriad species of colourful, exotic birds, and a diverse array of animals and plants, it is truly an incredible destination. While it still has beautiful beaches to explore, there are also volcanoes, cloud forests, and other amazing places to explore.

Travel Tip: Book a tour! While it may be tempting to fly by the seat of your pants, this may end up costing you big-time. Costa Rica is one of the most expensive countries to visit in Central America. This often catches less savvy tourists off guard, and they inevitably pay the price. Even something simple, such as a bottle of water, is expensive. A tour factors all these costs in ahead of time, so you aren’t strapped with “surprises.” While the overall price may seem larger than you want to spend, breaking down the various daily costs may actually be substantially less than wayward spending. In addition, experienced guides help you navigate unknown territory, and ensure you a trip to remember with a great deal of ease.

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