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The First Cashier-Free Amazon Go Store Just Opened 2 Hours From Vancouver

Amazon Go

An 1,800 square foot, retail store located south of the border made history yesterday.

An Amazon Go in Seattle launched the first ever cashier-free grocery store in the entire world, and it was a huge success.

Prior to entering the store, customers are required to download the Amazon Go app on their smartphones. The app allows the customers to shop in what is known as a “virtual store.”


While it may sound abstract, the shopping experience is completely stress-free. A customer simply selects an item off of the shelf and sensors detect its removal. Once finished shopping, they must pass through a gated turnstyle that charges the items in their virtual account; however, the technology recognizes when an item is returned to a shelf and removes it from the account balance.


Cashier-Free With Amazon Go

Amazon Go stated that they plan to open up 20 more locations within the next few years. With this in mind, they are closely watching to see how the pilot project fairs.

Amazon recently acquired the high-end supermarket chain, Whole Foods, at a whopping $13.7 billion USD last year. As a result, those stores may become cashier-free in the future, and many are located within Metro Vancouver.


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