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Amazon Go Opening Cashier-Free Store 3 Hours From Vancouver

Amazon Go

Amazon has announced they will be opening a new food and convenience store in Seattle, potentially reshaping the grocery industry forever.

The 1,800-square-foot Amazon Go store will allow customers to purchase goods without standing in a checkout line.

Customers would simply just select their items and walk out of the store, with their purchases being automatically billed to their Amazon account.

The check-out free experience uses a similar type of technology to self-driving cars, such as: computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning. The ‘Just Walk Out Technology’ detects which products are taken or returned from the store shelves and then tracks them in a virtual cart.

The store will have basic groceries, including ready-made meals.

It is set to open sometime in 2017, at 2131 7th Avenue in Seattle.

While it is still unclear exactly how the system will work, it’s creating some hype by changing the way we shop in a big way.

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