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You Could Get Fined $100 If You Sit Or Sleep On The Sidewalks Of This BC City

Sleep On The Sidewalks

One BC city is looking to penalize those who sit or sleep on the sidewalks inside their municipality.

Earlier this week, city council in Penticton voted 5-2 to amend the Good Neighbourhood Bylaw, which would prohibit individuals from sitting or sleeping on a number of city streets.


This bylaw would be in effect from May to September 30th and anyone who violates it would face a $100 fine.

“There has been an evident increase in complaints coming from downtown businesses, and through the Downtown Penticton Association” reads the council report.

“Downtown business owners and operators have indicated that they have seen an increase in social nuisance issues over the past year”.

These issues range from smoking near doorway entrances, obstruction of sidewalks for the purpose of loitering/panhandling, camping on city sidewalks, increased abandoned property in public spaces, and persons occupying vacant storefronts.

Under the Good Neighbour Bylaw, council are allowed to protect the quality of life for its citizens. It also endeavours to promote civic responsibility, and further, strives to encourage good relationships between neighbours.

At this moment, the bylaw is still waiting for its final approval.


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