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You Can Get Fined Over A Hundred Bucks For Walking Off The Sidewalk In BC

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While it seems common sense that people should walk on the sidewalk, many opt out of doing so in certain situations. There are areas where it seems safe to cross the street before a crosswalk or where it isn’t really a big deal or unsafe to walk off of the sidewalk.

Think again!

Many people assume that most fines are incurred while behind the wheel. Penalties for eating while driving or using two earbuds are more common, but pedestrians are still fined regularly.

You can actually get fined $109 by police if you’re caught walking on the road and not on the sidewalk, or jaywalking when you think its no big deal.

Of course, there are times when there simply isn’t a sidewalk along the road. In these cases police advise that there won’t incur a fine; however, when there is a sidewalk available, your pockets will stay fuller if you stick to walking on it.


Cyclists May Also Incur A Sidewalk Fine

While pedestrians are legally obligated to stay on the sidewalk, cyclists are legally obligated to do the opposite. Cyclists are not only encouraged to use the road, but if they are caught riding on the sidewalk they will also incur a $109 fine.

CBC did a story back in July where the Mayor of Coquitlam almost collided with a distracted jaywalker, but it highlighted how many people thought that the woman was in the wrong. They noted that “RCMP say while cyclists must do everything they can to avoid a collision, they also warn illegally crossing the street can lead to a $109 fine.”

So whether you are crossing the street early, walking beside the sidewalk or texting while crossing the street, you may incur a hefty fine. Even worse, you may seriously injure yourself or someone else.

RCMP advise pedestrians and cyclists to stay aware of their surroundings at all times.

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