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Should This Narcos Themed “EscoBAR” in Vancouver Change Its Name?


Photo: pablo_escobar_real / Instagram

The life of notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar, makes for captivating television; however, not everyone is thrilled about his rise in popularity.

To make matters worse, a litany of “homages” are popping up throughout North America, and the Colombian community isn’t thrilled.

For one, the soon-to-open Escobar, located at 4245 Fraser Street in Vancouver, is raising tension.

Slated to open on May 11th, the eatery plans to wow customers with its upscale Latin-American inspired offerings and posh decor.

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Of course, there’s no denying that the establishment is named after the infamous terrorist. And, the owners aren’t saying that it isn’t.

With that in mind, they specify that the bar isn’t meant to celebrate the barbaric aspects of his legacy. Rather, it is meant to provide entertainment, and a play on words.

“The owners say they chose the name to capitalize on the recent surge in popularity around drug lord Pablo Escobar, brought about through Netflix shows like Narcos.  They say the name is also a play on words because it has the word “bar” in it,” reports CBC News.


Vancouver Escobar Protest

Nevertheless, the local Colombian community doesn’t find the name entertaining, or clever.

Some estimates report Escobar is responsible for the deaths of approximately 5,000 Colombians. For them, the name is synonymous with terror and pain.

Further, his rise to power transformed Colombia into the murder capital of the world.

Now, the community has decided to stage a protest on Escobar’s opening day. They state how communities would object to an eatery named “Hitler,” so this shouldn’t be much different.

Do you think that the name Escobar is insensitive to the Colombian community in Vancouver? If so, do you think that they should change the name? If they don’t change it will it keep you from dining or drinking there? 

Sound off in the comments below!

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