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Yoho National Park’s Emerald Lake Is Absolute Magic During The Winter Months

Emerald Lake

Photo: @michaelmatti/Instagram

Emerald Lake is constantly inspiring a sense of wanderlust amongst locals and tourists alike. It’s the largest of 61 lakes and ponds that make up British Columbia’s pristine Yoho National Park.

Immerse yourself in nature at this gem nestled in Field, with its emerald-green water and the Rockies as the ultimate backdrop.

While travelers flock here in the Spring and Summer months—it’s also an awe-inspiring place to visit in Winter.

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The Emerald Lake Lodge is a cozy spot to stay if you are looking for a Winter getaway.

Located right on the lake—the lodge keeps guests warm while also allowing them to appreciate the wilderness all around. Whether the lake is frozen over or you can still ride a canoe through the still water, you’re in for a magical experience.

The photos of Emerald Lake in Winter are so picturesque, it’s hard to believe they’re not a painting.


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Emerald Lake

Location: Part of Yoho National Park in Field, BC


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