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Dozens of Garbage Cans Fall Out of Truck With Open Latch (VIDEO)

Vancouver driving fail

Photo: Screenshot from Vancouver's Worst Drivers Dashcam

Vancouver is not known for having the best drivers, but this driving fail is one of the funniest we’ve seen in 2019.

The truck driver had left the hatch open, which carried dozens of garbage cans teetering in the moving vehicle.

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Vancouver’s Worst Drivers Dashcam caught it all on tape, in a nearly two-minute long video. Posted on Thursday via YouTube, it appears the incident happened in Vancouver, near Commercial Drive.

When the cans fell onto the road a woman, waiting at the bus stop nearby, kicked the cans into the one lane, so other people could drive around it.

The driver eventually realized his mistake and went back to retrieve his missing cargo.

Vancouver has seen many incidents like this, so much so that Abbotsford police have tweeted the worst/best driving excuses. Have you seen any driving fail scenarios lately?

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