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Driver Bypasses Downtown Vancouver Traffic By Taking The Sidewalk (Video)

Downtown Vancouver

Photo: @landofgay / Reddit

Driving through downtown Vancouver is not exactly a fun time.

There’s a good amount of traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists. Some streets are single-direction only, others have random islands, and practically all of them have lights every few metres.

Sometimes people just get impatient, as was probably the case with this particular driver.

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Spotted last month, this driver was seen driving down the sidewalk, while traffic was halted, presumably by a red light.

The driver reaches the intersection, along with a pair of cyclists arrive too, via the designated bike lane.

The driver than navigates through the signage and islands at the intersection and proceeds off-camera.

Idiot driving down the sidewalk in downtown Vancouver
by u/landofgay in IdiotsInCars

At least they didn’t take the designated bike lane?

Upon further examination, we were able to identify the downtown Vancouver location as the intersection of Burrard Street and Drake Street.

Downtown Vancouver
Photo: Google Maps

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