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Domino’s Is Testing Self-Driving Robots That Will Deliver Your Pizza

domino's pizza robot

Photo: Domino's Pizza

Yes, you read that right, self-driving robots delivering pizza.

Domino’s has partnered with Nuro, a self-driving delivery company to test out their robot delivery system. This service will first launch in Houston, Texas, where customers can opt to have their pizza delivered by Nuro’s R2 robot.

Coming at a good time, the order is prepaid and contactless.


How It Will Work

Customers will place a prepaid order online from participating Domino’s pizza stores. At that time they can choose to have their order  order delivered by R2.

Once selected, customers will get a text alert which will give them a unique PIN, and also update them on R2’s location.

When R2 arrives, you enter your PIN on the touchpad. The doors will open and you grab your hot pizza from the robot.

It’s that simple (well a self-driving robot is not, but the process seems simple).

“We’re excited to continue innovating the delivery experience for Domino’s customers by testing autonomous delivery with Nuro in Houston,” said Dennis Maloney, Domino’s senior vice president and chief innovation officer.

Meet R2 – Domino’s Pizza Delivery Robot

nuro dominos pizza robot
Photo: Domino’s Pizza
dominos self-driving robot
Photo: Domino’s Pizza
dominos pizza delivery robot
Photo: Domino’s Pizza

This pizza delivery robot seems to be something from the future, and if this works well for Houston, who knows where the service will be tested out next.

Domino’s pizza robots may just change the pizza delivery game.


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