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You Can See A Dazzling Meteor Shower In British Columbia Tonight

Meteor Shower

Photo: Heath Cajandig / Flickr

British Columbian stargazers are in for a celestial treat tonight.

The Leonid Meteor Shower promises to dazzle viewers with an enthralling display of some of the year’s fastest shooting stars.

The show lasts from the evening of Friday, November 17th through until the morning of Saturday, November 18th.

Leonid Meteor Shower Details

The sparkling spectacle occurs annually in mid-November, at a time when our planet passes through a cloud of comet debris. The debris comes from a remains left behind by the Tempel-Tuttle comet, which passes Earth every 31 years.

“Viewers in mid-northern latitudes should see around five meteors per hour Friday evening, increasing to around two dozen per hour as dawn approaches. Those predictions are a little lower for observers in the Southern Hemisphere,” reports Cnet.

The Leonids are named after the constellation of Leo, where the meteors originate from.

BC space fans were also privy to another meteor shower back in October, when the skies lit up with shooting stars originating in Orion’s belt.

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