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14 Date Ideas To Impress Your Special Someone This Valentine’s Day

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Photo: Clayton Perry Photoworks / Flickr

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your special someone how much you care about them and spoil them as best as you can.

However, it’s not always easy impress your date. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Here’s 14 different date ideas to impress your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

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Date Ideas in Vancouver

Take In The Views From The Vancouver Lookout

Photo: yuanxizhou / Flickr

The Vancouver Lookout offers incredibly breathtaking views. Your ticket lasts all day long – so if you wanted to you can watch the sunrise in the morning and then go back to watch the sunset over the city later in the day.

Book a Staycation

Photo: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver / Facebook

Staycations are always refreshing and it allows you to spend some real quality time with your loved one. They can be super easy, convenient and the perfect way to escape your day-to-day grind. A nice romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant, followed by a stay at a nice hotel sounds like a simple yet lovely Valentine’s Day.


Lock Up Your Love

cheap date ideas
Photo: Zorro1968 / Flickr

Metro Vancouver has not one but two locations that allow you to lock in your love, forever.

For decades, love locks have been a universal symbol for couples to showcase their love for one another. Pier Park is home to the city’s love locks in New Westminster. It’s the perfect spot with its waterfront views and scenic boardwalk. The tradition in New Westminster only began a few short years ago in 2014 near the time of the most romantic day of the year – you guessed it, Valentine’s Day.

photo: vancouver park board

At Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park, a sculpture called Love in the Rain was specifically designed for couples to lock in their love. Some couples choose to engrave their initials, others simply leave the lock blank. By locking on to the sculpture and throwing away the key, the lock becomes unbreakable – just like true love.

Bike The Seawall

Outdoor date
Photo: Mark Faviell Photos / Flickr

A classic activity that never loses its touch. Enjoy the scenic sights as you ride along the seawall—bring your own bike or rent one from one of the many shops in the area. If biking is not your thing, try rollerblading or just go for a nice leisurely walk along the water together and soak up the views of Lions Gate Bridge, and the North Shore.

Walk Into The Water at Iona Beach

Iona Beach
Photo: jklightstalker/Flickr

No, we’re not suggesting you literally walk into the water and soak yourself. The beach in Richmond isn’t too popular, and boasts a jetty that extends far into the water and makes a great pathway for a romantic walk. The pathway is both bike and dog friendly, so you can bring your four-legged friend along as a third-wheel.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

caramel popcorn cronuts
Photo: @deannawoo/Instagram

No Valentine’s Day is complete without a sweet treat.

Fortunately, Vancouver has countless shops that can satisfy all your cravings. Among others, check out Cartems Donuterie, Mink Chocolates Café, Laduree Macaron, or grab a pint at Earnest or Soft Peaks Ice Cream for a sweet treat.

Recently-opened dessert spots that hit the spot include Their There, Gram Cafe and Bonus Bakery (Vancouver’s first plant based bakery).


Hit Up A Comedy Club

Photo: Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver / Facebook

A day with your lover should be filled with nothing but smiles and laughter. One way to get that going is to visit a comedy club. Vancouver TheatreSports, Yuk Yuk’s, and the Comedy Mix are popular spots for date nights and for good reason. Tickets at each venue can are often very affordable, making it a great activity before or after dinner.

Take a Helicopter Tour of the City

Photo: SKY Helicopters Inc. / Facebook

Why not take things to new heights? A helicopter tour of the city is a romantic and exciting activity to do together. In Vancouver, we’re blessed with beautiful mountains and scenery, so it’s even more breathtaking when you’re soaking in views from above.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

savary island
Photo: sunshinecoastair / Instagram

Valentine’s Day might only be one day, but that one day happens to land on a Thursday and is a great opportunity to extend your time together into the weekend. The opportunity will provide you and your lover a change of scenery and focus more on another. Before you instantly begin fantasizing about warm places like the Bahamas, it’s important to note British Columbia has a plethora of destinations nearly as beautiful for a fraction of the price. Among others, check out Johnson LakeHornby Island, as well hot springs cove.

Take a Pottery Class

Girls will be the first to admit that the pottery making scene from the hit movie Ghost was one of the most romantic movie moments of all time.

Fortunately fellas, there are numerous pottery making classes offered in Vancouver to help you create a similar moment in your love life.


Go For a Hike

hiking trails burnaby
Photo: Vancouver Trails

If the weather permits, hiking is the ultimate cheap date, but provides the ideal setting to spend some quiet time with your date while surrounded by Mother Nature. In addition, you’ll have an incredibly romantic backdrop for your paired adventure. There are a number of fantastic places to hike, but you may want to stick to something short and sweet (so that you aren’t a sweaty mess!)

Have a Romantic Dinner – At Home

Research a recipe that will make a romantic dinner for two. This likely won’t cost you as much as eating out at a restaurant, and will show that you put some serious effort into the day. You can take it to the next level by dressing up fancy and even decorating the table.

Watch Airplanes Land at YVR

Iona Beach
Photo: Sonika Arora 604 / Flickr

There’s something magical about watching airplanes flying in and taking off. Instead of looking up at the stars, park along Richmond’s Dyke Trail or go to Iona Beach for a glimpse of planes taking off and landing. It’s a great way to wind down and enjoy a meaningful conversation while your eyes wander above.

Recreate Your First Date

There’s nothing quite like your first date and recreating the moment can mean the world to your partner. It’ll require some good memory on your behalf, but it’s a very romantic gesture that won’t be easily forgotten.


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