The Dark Manor Inn Will Be Vancouver’s New Haunted-Themed Bar

Dark Manor Inn

Love eerie vibes? Then this new bar opening in Vancouver is calling your name.

The Dark Manor Inn is slated to open this November. According to their social media accounts, it’ll be located at 4298 Fraser Street.

From the people behind The Shameful Tiki Room, this whisky bar and eatery will be taking over the space that used to be home to Sunlock Garden Restaurant.


According to their website, the Dark Manor has a mysterious and deadly past.

It was here at The Dark Manor Inn that Sir Baron Rodney Seagrave was discovered quite dead from poisoning in the year of 1886.

He and his young bride Constance-Dee were enjoying a fine run of business at the Manor but the Baron became greedy and gambled away their family fortune on several shady business deals.

Constance was last seen pouring her husbands fateful drink on the night of their annual gala gathering at the Manor. It was said by many that Whisky would be his undoing and it appears they were more right then they knew!

604 Now has reached out to the venue’s management to get more information. This post will be updated as soon as possible with all the juicy details.

For now, check out these ghoulish photos from their Instagram page for a sneak peak of what to expect.

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