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Coquitlam May Abolish Full-Service Gas Stations

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“Fill’er up with regular, please!”

Ever been to a gas station in Coquitlam?

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Just like Oregon, Coquitlam folks have been required to let someone else pump their gas for them by using “full service” stations.

The restriction has been in place since 1959 and states that a station worker should be the only one pumping your gas.

But after nearly sixty years, Coquitlam City Hall could abolish the full-service stops.

City officials aren’t even sure how the rule came to be – there isn’t an official council record of why these restrictions exist in Coquitlam, though rumour has it the rule was intended for job security.

Past proposals to lift the restriction have been rejected.

Enter Chevron: the gas corporation determined to get Coquitlam on-board with a self service station.

Chevron has also asked council to allow more retail products – such as more grocery items – to be sold at stations, as well.

Most of the stations in Coquitlam seem to be far past their expiry date, but with a self-service option, residents will be able to pump their own gas well into the night with 24-hour service stations finally available.

However, some residents are torn.

The full-service option does bring along with it a chance to take the lazy way out by sitting patiently in your vehicle while a friendly attendant fills up the tank.

With every other municipality serving themselves, it’ll be interesting to see if Coquitlam approves of the restriction removal.

City council met this past week to discuss the restriction and a decision will be made soon.

Are you a Coquitlam resident? If so, how do you feel about switching over to self-service gas stations? Leave us a comment below!

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