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Comprehensive Coverage Needed To Claim Damage From Windstorm: ICBC

Comprehensive Coverage Needed To Claim Damage From Windstorm: ICBC

Was your vehicle damaged by a tree or wind in this past weekend’s shocking windstorm? It’s highly recommended you call ICBC and check how much coverage you have, as drivers who have not purchased “comprehensive coverage” may be out of luck.

“It would depend on the insurance policy you purchased for your vehicle. Typically an object falling on your vehicle, in this situation a tree landing on your vehicle, would be a comprehensive claim.” Adam Grossman, senior media relations adviser for ICBC, told CKNW.

While all drivers register for “basic coverage” through ICBC, adding comprehensive coverage is optional, and drivers have the choice of going through another provider other than ICBC for the service.

Comprehensive coverage includes damages caused by natural disasters such as wind, hail, lightening, rising water, as well as falling/flying objects.

“Around 80 per cent of our personal insurance customers get their full coverage through us and that would include collision and comprehensive coverage as well.” adds Grossman.

Upon reporting your claim, ICBC looks into the extent of the damage. Say for example, the damage is caused by tree branches hitting your windshield, you may just need the part(s) replaced. If a tree however comes crashing down on your vehicle, you might be looking at a total loss as the vehicle may be beyond repair.

“In the cases where a tree in its entirety has come down on top of a vehicle, in many cases you’ll be looking at a total loss for that claim rather than a repair. ”

If your car was damaged, it’s encouraged you report your claim as soon as possible.

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