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New Study Suggests Coffee Drinkers Risk Of Death Lowered Up To 17%

Coffee Drinkers

Caffeine addicts, rejoice!

A new study published in the BMJ not only states that coffee drinkers are healthier, but that they their rate of death may be reduced up to 17%.

While the study does not suggest that coffee itself is the key to a long, healthy life, it suggests that java sippers may make healthier choices in general.

The study even went on to say that people who guzzled as many as 7 cups lowered their risk of death by up to 10%.


Coffee Drinkers

At this point, Health Canada does not support the idea of slamming back a generous 7 cups daily.

“Health Canada recommends adults should limit their caffeine intake to no more than 400 mg per day, registered dietitian Andy De Santis tells Global News. That’s about three cups of coffee, eight ounces each — or three short cups of coffee from Starbucks. Tim Hortons’ smallest size is 10 ounces,” reports Global News.

So, while research is still being conducted, it’s safe to say that the jury on how nutritious coffee is is still out; however, coffee appear to be as harmful as past studies indicate. In contrast, it appears to be congruent with a healthy lifestyle.

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