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Best Cafes (Coffee) In Burnaby

Best Cafes (Coffee) In Burnaby

A great cup of coffee can turn your day around, especially if it starts with the alarm going off without warning, and ultimately turning your morning upside down. While Burnaby’s coffee scene continues to rapidly grow, there are a few shops that brew like no other, and can help turn your morning around.

Best Cafes (Coffee) In Burnaby

Camellia Tea & Coffee

Camellia Tea & Coffee is located at 6888 Royal Oak Ave, steps away from Royal Oak station. Local favorites include their creamy earl grey tea latte, umbria, and the siphon coffee.


Jules Cafe

Jules Cafe is located at 5205 Rumble Street. Their shop is fairly modern, has great service, and offers great coffee. For those visiting in the afternoon, they’re lunch menu consists of delicious burgers and sandwiches, definitely worth a look.


Best Cafes (Coffee) In Burnaby

Cafe Joie

Cafe Joie is located at 110-6125 Sussex Ave, South Burnaby, across the street from Metropolis at Metrotown. In addition to great coffee, they’re atmosphere is warm and inviting with wooden tables, and soft lighting.    


Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee

Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee is located at Arcola Way, Burnaby. A casual restaurant that favours a self-service approach, Tealips is a quiet hideaway in Highgate Village. All coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans, and include organic, americano, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, macchiatos, as well as espressos.


Best Cafes (Coffee) In Burnaby

Caffe Divano

Caffe Divano is located on the corner of Alpha on 4568 Hastings St. The location is one of three in the 604, and strives to offer “real” and “strong” coffee. For those from Vancouver, you’ll be happy to know Caffe Divano uses Parallel 49 coffee beans.


Cafe Classico

Cafe Classico is located at 4263 Hastings Street, the restaurant seems to be a hole in the wall, but don’t miss it! Given its proximity to Commercial Drive, the shop has a cozy Italian vibe. Chocolate coffee, iced latte, and iced mocha are among local favorites.
Best Cafes (Coffee) In Burnaby

Caffe Artigiano

Caffe Artigiano is located at 4359 E Hastings Street. The shop has a highclass Europe feel and serves second to none lattes and Americanos. Location is 1 of 10+ throughout the 604.



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