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City Council Looking To Take Legal Action Against 4/20 Vancouver Organizers

4/20 Vancouver

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Back in April, the annual 4/20 Vancouver event took place at Sunset Beach despite plenty of criticism.

Just yesterday, Wednesday, May 15th, Vancouver City Council voted on a motion to recover outstanding City of Vancouver related costs from 4/20 Vancouver 2019. They will now review what legal options they have.

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The motion was brought forward by Councillor Melissa DeGenova, who has been a vocal critic of the annual event.

According to the motion, “420 Vancouver has refused to respect the requirements of the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the decisions carried by Vancouver City Council and the Vancouver Park Board”.

DeGenova’s motion calls for Council to direct staff to review options for legal action against “420 Vancouver Protest Festival & Farmer’s Market” and/or the organizers, to recover costs for resources allocated by the City of Vancouver, the Park Board or any other civic agency and/or organization that receives funding from the City of Vancouver Operating Budget.


4/20 Vancouver

The motion highlights that a public memo dated July 13, 2018 to Mayor, Council and Park Board Commissioners, from the City Manager and Park Board General Manager stated the Park Board invoiced 420 Vancouver organizers $64,870 in 2018. This was for restoring the grass in Sunset Beach Park, park event fees, staffing expenses, sanitation costs, lost revenues and parking.

Furthermore, The City of Vancouver invoiced organizers for the staffing costs for Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services (VFRS), Vancouver Police Department (VPD), Engineering (Parking Enforcement, Street Operations, Sanitation, and Traffic Operations), Emergency Management, and 311, in the amount of $170,796.

In total, all the costs for the event last year hit $235,666.

Before this year’s event, NPA Councillor Melissa De Genova tweeted that she will “bring a motion to #Vancouver City Council to recover ALL costs”.

De Genova also tweeted out that “NO PROOF of INSURANCE has been received from @420Vancouver_”

As for the future of the event, the Vancouver Park Board passed a motion back in February to keep the annual 4/20 festival away from Sunset Beach by 2020.


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