Vancouver Park Board Votes To Kick Out 4/20 Festival From Sunset Beach

Vancouver Park Board

The Vancouver Park Board has passed a motion to keep the annual 4/20 festival away from Sunset Beach by 2020.  

The festival made Sunset Beach its new home after moving from the Vancouver Art Gallery three years ago.

4/20 Festival

The approved motion has two parts to it. Firstly, the motion will have park staff control the illegal sale of cannabis products during the 2019 festival.

That part of the motion was not met well with all Park Board staff.

COPE Commissioner John Irwin and COPE Commisioner Gwen Giesbrecht both voted against having park staff controlling illegal sales of cannabis as Irwin thought this was a job for the police.

As of right now, the Vancouver Police Department says they are in contact with organizers for the festival.

However, they don’t have any information about how they intend to regulate the festival this year.

The second part of the motion, introduced by Non-Partisan Association Party (NPA) Commissioner, Tricia Barker, directs city council to locate a better spot for the event outside of city parks.

The City of Vancouver has been looking for alternative locations since the festival made the move from the Art Gallery to Sunset Beach, without any luck.

Every year, the 4/20 festival attracts a large crowd, last year alone it saw more than 40,000 attendees and about 300 unlicensed cannabis-vendors.    

Barker is determined to keep that from happening in a city park again.

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