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420 Aftermath; Sunset Beach Closed For 10 Weeks To Repair Damage

Vancouver Park Board

Photo: VancouverDoug / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Sunset Beach will be closed for up to 10 weeks to clean up and repair the area after the annual Vancouver 4/20 event.

An estimated 40,000 people packed into the area on Friday, leaving behind a large amount of garbage and damage.

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Vancouver Park Board Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon said that his staff needs to close the space for “major rehabilitation”.

As the event grows larger, so does the damage. In 2016, the costs totalled $148,000, which signifies almost double the growth.

Organizers said that they would cover would cover the costs of sanitation, traffic control and engineering this year. However, they would not cover the costs of policing.

During last year’s event, the majority costs were spent on policing. The city claims it spent $170,670 for Sunset Beach and the Vancouver Art Gallery. As a result, even if the event were moved elsewhere, it would still incur these hefty costs.

Not everyone is agreeing with the Park Board’s damage estimates. Pot activist Jodie Emery took to Twitter and said organizers left the park as they found it.

Emery said that organizers even spent $30,000 this year to cover the grass and prevent damaging it.

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