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The Ultimate In Chic: Enjoy Nightlife In Vancouver At These Classy Venues

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Photo: The Lobby Lounge and RawBar at Fairmont Pacific Rim / Facebook

It’s always nice to go out and have a relaxed night on the town, but every once in a while it’s fun to enjoy something a bit more fancy.

While fancy can mean expensive, there are plenty of Vancouver venues that won’t leave you strapped to pay rent. Indeed, a few really nice places are actually quite affordable. Many of these locations are perfect for dates, business meetings, or more elegant outings with friends.

Let’s take a look at our list of the most classy eateries and lounges in Vancouver.

Nightlife in Vancouver: The Chic Side


The Lobby Lounge and Rawbar

Nightlife In Vancouver
Photo: The Lobby Lounge and RawBar at Fairmont Pacific Rim / Facebook

This chic spot is one of the most elegant in the downtown area. Located in the Fairmont Pacific Rim, The Lobby Lounge and Wet Bar is considered by many to be one of the best bars in Vancouver. Breathtaking chandeliers, a white grand piano, and an all around refined decor create a lovely ambience. What’s more, the lobby has an extensive selection of premium liquor and wines to chose from. With award winning drink concoctions, lovely music, and an incredible locale, you’ll have an incredible evening in this venue.

Bacchus Restaurant and Lounge

Nightlife In Vancouver
Photo: Wedgewood Hotel & Spa / Facebook

The Bacchus restaurant and lounge is pure luxury. Located within the Westwood Hotel & Spa, it oozes with royal accents. From plush velvet seating, enormous bouquets of exquisite flowers, and a live piano player, the establishment is purely decadent. What’s more, they have a plethora of mouth-watering eats and tasty cocktails to savour. Enjoy!

UVA Wine and Cocktail Bar

Nightlife In Vancouver
Photo: UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar / Facebook

While it isn’t doesn’t overdo its decor with upscale furnishings, its the menu that makes this wine bar exquisite. UVA Wine and Cocktail Bar specializes in wine, and it is a connoisseur’s delight. With a multitude of award’s under its belt, the specialty bar offers wine tasting for the refined palette; however, even those unacquainted with the subtleties of a wine tasting experience will enjoy sipping in this lovely location.


Nightingale Restaurant

Nightlife In Vancouver
Photo: Nightingale / Facebook

While the famous Hawksworth Restaurant is considered one of, if not the finest, in Vancouver, it costs a pretty penny to enjoy. The Vancouver Nightingale Restaurant is a viable alternative for those looking to sample some of David Hawksworth’s creations without breaking the bank. Also, the restaurant and lounge have a decidedly chic, yet relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great place to relax with friends over great food and drink.

Les Faux Bourgeois

Nightlife In Vancouver
Photo: Les Faux Bourgeois / Facebook

While the ever popular Le Crocodile is often toasted as the best spot in the city for French cuisine, there are others that are fabulous. What’s more, these other options won’t set you back as far financially. Les Faux Bourgeois is an incredible place for French dining because it isn’t overpacked, and the food is always delectable. From appetizers to mains, cocktails to desert, this unique eatery affords you the best with tons of character and elegant style.

Merchant’s Workshop

Nightlife In Vancouver
Photo: Merchants Workshop / Facebook

Once again, there are a multitude of upscale seafood restaurants that will break the bank, but sometimes its nice not to do so! Merchant’s Workshop affords you a great deal of quality without being over-the-top expensive. Although it isn’t incredibly cheap, the menu affords you a great deal of variety. What’s more, the listings are varied and enticing; its a more adventurous experience than many of the local offerings. In addition, they have a vast array of delectable cocktails and liquors to sip while you chat and eat. It is also a great place to swing by for desert, a beverage, or even just some yummy oysters!


Nightlife In Vancouver
Photo: MONTECRISTO Magazine / Facebook

This elegant bar is situated in the Rosewood Hotel Geogia in downtown Vancouver. Known for its diverse range of cocktails, some of them can get a bit pricer; however, the atmosphere in the venue is extremely appealing. Prohibition is described as, “A throwback to the age of decadence, glamour and prosperity, Prohibition transports patrons back in time to the Roaring Twenties.” Evidently, you’ll have a good time, and may feel as though you’re doing a bit of time travel while you’re at it!

Want to check out some other great spots to sip at in Vancouver? Check out our list of the ultimate locations to grab a rum cocktail!


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