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New ICBC Footage Shows Individuals Cheating On Written BC Driver’s Tests


New surveillance footage released by ICBC shows individuals cheating on their written driver’s test.

In the photo, a woman is caught using her phone to text someone for help.

Photo: ICBC

Surveillance cameras caught several other people also using their phones.

Cheaters caught are forced to leave before finishing the exam and can’t retake it for 30 days.

Likewise, anyone caught cheating a second time can’t take the exam for another 60 days. These individuals will also have their name flagged during any future transactions with the insurance company.

According to ICBC statistics, of the 258,000 people who took the test in 2017, 57% passed.

Individuals are being asked to put in the time to study for their written exam and use online resources available at their disposal.



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