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Cheapest Places To Travel To From Vancouver This Spring

Cheapest Places To Travel

While a number of destinations may appear on the average Vancouverite’s bucket list, only so many of them are affordable.

With that being said, some of the cheapest places to travel from Vancouver are incredibly desirable. In addition, some of them are as cheap to stay in as they are to travel to; however, there are a few that will be tougher on the wallet once you’re in destination, so keep that in mind.

Let’s have a look at the best cities to visit when you’re trying to keep things affordable.

Cheapest Places To Travel This Spring


Panama City

Cheapest Places To Travel The Panama Canal is an obvious draw to this incredible country, but there are a litany of other reasons to visit Panama. Old Panama itself dates back to 1519, and the archeological ruins include a bell tower and ancient museum. What’s more, Panama City is situated near a tropical rainforest, but the city is very modern. With oceanside cafes and bars sprawling across this beautiful urban centre, there are a number of things to see. In addition, water taxis to islands like Isla Diablo transport you to paradise for completely breathtaking experience. The price for all of this beauty? A ticket costs $475 CAD return from Vancouver.

New Orleans

Cheap Places To Travel
Photo: Eric Gross / Flickr

Not only are the parties legendary, but some of the best music to come out of the United States originated here. You’ll witness some of the most mesmerizing performances right on the street. In addition, the local clubs and theatres are home also hosting some amazing musical shows.

If you’re a foodie you are in for a serious treat. Boasting some scrumptious Southern cooking, the city has comfort foods down to science. New Orleans has a distinctive blend of French, African and American influences, and it shows in the food. Seafood lovers will appreciate their famous jambalayas, gumbos, and crawfish dishes. Brave travellers can even try some alligator! Add to the fact that tickets are as little as $360 CAD return including all taxes and fees, this is an affordable and fun escape this spring.

New York

NYC / Cheapest Places To Travel

While there are many exciting cities in the United States, not many can compare to the big apple. New York City is a non-stop party, a foodie’s paradise, a shopping mecca, and a historical goldmine. From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, Central Park to Times Square, there are endless things to explore. Best of all? Tickets to this world-class city will sell for as little as $375 CAD return from Vancouver this spring.



Cheapest Places To Travel
Photo: Robert.Pittman / Flickr

Will Smith knew what he was talking about when he released his party anthem that was famously named after the city. Some of the worlds’ most exciting parties take place in the city of Miami, or on its nearby hotspot, South Beach. Indeed, there’s endless clubs and bars to enjoy during the evening, and a gorgeous beach to relax on during the day. They also have incredible boutique shopping, as well as a notable Cuban influence in some delectable eateries. What’s more, you can rock out in the sun for as little as $342 CAD return from Vancouver this spring.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles / Cheapest Places To Travel

Los Angeles is one of the cheapest warm destinations to visit from Vancouver. In addition, it’s home to a myriad of monumental landmarks, shopping, entertainment, beaches, and much more. You’ll be able to take a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, see the famous Hollywood Sign, check out Universal Studios, or head down to the Santa Monica Boulevard to catch a breathtaking sunset by the sea. What’s more, tickets from Vancouver are as little as $234 CAD including all tax this spring.


Cheapest Places To Travel

Famed for its bold architecture, this iconic city’s skyline is positively magnificent. Indeed, Chicago brims with culture and is located on the water. As a result, there are numerous things to do at the pier. The Art Institute of Chicago is also known for its incredible impressionist and post-impressionist pieces. And, for as little as $358 CAD return from Vancouver, this city is yours to explore this spring.

Puerto Vallarta

Mexico / Cheapest Places To Travel
Photo: Anthony Gonzalez Reyes / Flickr

If you’re looking looking to escape the rainy spring in Vancouver while saving money there’s no better place to do it than Mexico. Indeed, this sunny destination is both extremely affordable and beautiful. While staying in resorts may cost more than other places, they are still extremely cost effective. All inclusive resorts factor all of your living expenses in for you, so you won’t have to work them out later. A round-trip ticket costs as little as $346 CAD return from Vancouver.



Hawaii / Cheapest Places To Travel

Whether you’d like to hike an enormous volcano, swim with wild dolphins, or simply lay back on a breathtaking beach, Hawaii has you covered! This incredible destination is also a surfer’s paradise, a diver’s dream, and home to some of the most delectable cuisine on the planet. Also, there are five major islands to explore, and each is vibrantly unique and comes with a plethora of activities to choose from. While you can easily spend all your time at one, many people split their stay up. The cost for a round-trip ticket from Vancouver this spring is only $471 CAD including all tax.

Looking for more things to explore this year? Check out this incredible island in BC that was dubbed “the Hawaii of BC” and the emerald green waters in this incredible quarry on Texada Island.

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