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CFL Introduces New Policy To Prevent + Punish Violence Against Women

CFL Introduces New Policy To Prevent + Punish Violence Against Women

The CFL revealed a new policy in regards to violence against women in Vancouver this week. The new policy focuses on preventing violence from occurring, and acting quickly if it does happen.

The policy was developed in partnership with the Ending Violence Association of Canada and following consultations with multiple women who are experts in the field of responding to violence against women.

All CFL players and employees will be required to undergo a yearly mandatory training session on violence against women as part of the new policy, and league initiative.

According to league officials, the CFL will also hold authority to impose sanction on players or employers who violate the new policy. This could include suspension for single or multiple games to a lifetime ban from the CFL, depending on the severity and number of incidences.

“When any CFL workplace, including a CFL football club or one of its corporate offices, receives a report of violence against women involving a CFL employee, we will act.”

In addition to the policy, The CFL will support, endorse and participate in efforts to increase awareness of violence against women and ways to prevent it throughout society, and in particular among Canadian youth.

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