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Canadians Call For Affordable Internet Plans To Stay Connected Amid Pandemic

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Photo: Bob Mendelsohn / Flickr

As the pandemic continues, Canadians are calling for affordable internet plans to help stay connected.

The pandemic may continue on for months, which means people are stuck at home with no way to connect with others, but by doing so online. However, for low-income people, this may be much harder.

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“You need the internet and wireless to connect you to society,” said John Lawford, executive director of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, to CBC. “It has now become an essential to living.”


In April, Lawford, the anti-poverty organization ACORN and the National Pensioners Federation called on the federal government to provide unlimited home internet access.

But since then, Lawford said he still hasn’t heard back from the government.

Companies like Rogers, Bell and Telus have offered relief to Canadians during this time. That includes waiving fees and offering flexible payment plans.

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