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Canadian Pop Culture: This Week’s Top Moments

Canadian Pop Culture

Photo: @sponsoreddivas / Twitter

Canadian pop culture
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This week’s top moments in Canadian pop culture takes a look at the colliding worlds of business and entertainment. Business can be pleasure, especially when you’re taking a page from a new reality show based in Vancouver about the sugar babies among us. (Let’s not kid ourselves, we’ll probably stream the first episode.) We also look at social media, marvelling at the wrath of the trending hashtag that no business, big or small, can escape from, and the fact that everyone’s 5 minutes of fame is determined by how viral they can make a social media account go. Also, is Junos just a guys thing?

Trump Voter Regrets, Canada’s Schadenfreude

This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. A university student from Nova Scotia created a Twitter account that curates tweets from Trump voters who regret voting for him. The account has gained than 200,000 followers since the account was created last November. The feed provides you with the delight of knowing Trump voters are coming to the realization that they may have made a huge mistake. Also, isn’t it great that university students are making the most with their time?

Con Artists in the Dragon’s Den

A Port Moody couple that successfully pitched their automated remittance business to Season 3 dragon, Brett Wilson, is under investigation for a sweepstakes fraud. A sweepstakes scam is when a company tells someone they have won a sweepstakes prize but the winner has to pay a fee to confirm delivery of their prize. Victims as far as New Jersey sent payments to companies owned by the Port Moody couple. Let’s hope better things are in store for the entrepreneurs in Vancouver that just landed a deal for their organic period subscription box.

#DeleteShopify is the new #DeleteUber

Dear tech CEOs, please learn from Uber. Please learn from Uber when it comes to going to China and also when it comes to Trump. The CEO at Canadian e-commerce company Shopify, created a PR nightmare when he defended his company’s relationship with Brietbart. One Ottawa restaurant has already dropped ties with Shopify in the backlash. Instead of #DeleteUber, the latest craze is #DeleteShopify. In this brave new world, when the Rock has a better public statement about business ties to Trump, you’ve got to rethink your strategy.

Are the Junos Sexist? Tegan and Sara Think So

This week’s nominations for the Juno awards were released and musicians are not impressed. Tegan and Sara wrote an open letter about how the Junos could do a better job when it comes to celebrating Canadian women in music. This year’s lopsided nominees feature one female artist in most categories while 8 feature none at all. Not much of an improvement from last year, where people are still upset that Carly Rae Jepsen got snubbed. Never forget.

Canadian Pop Culture
Photo: @sponsoreddivas / Twitter

$pon$ored Divas Trailer Is Out 

And you thought Ultra Rich Asian Girls was the most controversial reality show to come out of Vancouver. $pon$ored Divas may take the cake. Welcome to Vancouver, the sugar daddy mecca of Canada. This time around, the rich girls are sugar babies are living their daily lives on someone else’s credit card. The show follows five women who are currently sponsored with an allowance or looking to be sponsored. One thing that’s for sure, this is a reality show that is NSFW.

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