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Tim Hortons VS Starbucks – Who Reigns Vancouver?

When grabbing your morning coffee, which do you turn to, Starbucks or Tim Hortons?

For the rest of Canada, it’s safe to say Tim Hortons is Canada’s coffee.. except Vancouver that is, where Starbucks reigns here!

According to data collected by canada.com editor William Wolfe-Wylie, calculations done for postal codes/neighbourhoods calculating the ratio of Starbucks to Tim Hortons found that all major Canadian cities have a few neighbourhoods where there are more Starbucks present, but once you get outside of the urban core, the rest of Canada relies on Tim Hortons as their clear favourite.

However in Vancouver, we seem to be the exception. Almost all Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods have more Starbucks than Tim Hortons, including Richmond, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Delta and Port Moody. Burnaby appears to be split in the middle by the two having equal numbers, and once you start to branch out towards the Fraser Valley (Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford) we see Tim Hortons reigning over there.

Check out the maps below which showcase Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal’s Starbucks to Tim Hortons ratios!

Green indicates Starbucks territory, red indicates Tim Hortons and white indicates a tie!




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