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5 Reasons You Have to Check Out The Burnaby Velodrome

Burnaby Velodrome

Photo: Jeremy J Saunders / Flickr

Whether you are looking to get in shape, conquer your fears, or are already an established cyclist looking to challenge your peers, the Burnaby Velodrome is a great place to check out.

Located in the Harry Jerome Sports Centre at 7564 Barnet Highway, the Burnaby cycling spot is extremely popular.

Lets look at some reasons to check it out this year!

The Burnaby Velodrome


It’s Far More Exciting Than Spin Class

While there are some fabulous spin instructors, nothing beats the thrill of actually going forward (seriously). There’s also a mental element to the practice. You have to be aware of the group so it keeps your mind focused, but once you get the hang of it the challenge becomes addictive. Moreover, you build up more core strength moving in this fashion then you do holding steady on a stationary bike.

Because You Watch The Tour De France And Get Excited

Never raced a bike? Me neither! But it looks really neat and I want to know what it feels like to race in high speeds.

The velodrome accommodates people of varying skill levels so you don’t have to feel horrified that you’re meant to keep up with Lance Armstrong. It’s a great way to build up your confidence as you conquer a mentally and physically demanding sport. You can either ride or race, but they have racing programs to train you if you’re up to the challenge.

Burnaby Velodrome
Photo: Burnaby Velodrome Club / Facebook

You Can Just Ride And Then Watch Racing In The Beer Garden

If racing really isn’t for you but you like beer and watching the races, they periodically open a beer garden for such entertainment. You’ll be able to chat with new friends and enjoy the show while sipping on something refreshing. Relaxation at its finest.



Because You Get Lazy If No One Is Watching

Be totally honest – are your jogs pretty lacking? Are your bike rides basically just gentle strolls around the block, but on wheels? Do you consider vacuuming cardio?

Then this may be the solution to your problems! With a ton of people watching and classes to participate in, you’ll find it problematic to just sloth out. It’s a ton of fun and before you know it you’ll be in great shape.

Burnaby Velodrome
Photo: Burnaby Velodrome Club / Facebook

Getting Past Your Fears Makes You Feel Alive

Anyone who has done an extreme sport, or one with an element of danger involved, will tell you that freedom is on the other side of fear.

While the velodrome isn’t actually that dangerous, it may appear scary to someone who hasn’t tried it. The track itself sits at a 45 degree angle, meaning that you almost stand upright leaning against it – yikes!

Surprisingly, most riders conquer this curve quite quickly. They have a multitude of different riders come out to learn and take classes that accommodate people of all skill levels.


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