Burnaby Property Taxes Will Increase By 2.7% in 2019

burnaby tax hike

The City of Burnaby will see an increase of 2.5 to 2.7 per cent in residential property taxes in 2019.

However, Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley isn’t worried, saying this is a reasonable hike and he’s right.

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Burnaby Tax Hike

According to reports, Burnaby’s tax rates are at the lower end of the region, making Burnaby one of the more affordable cities in Metro Vancouver.

Burnaby isn’t the only city experiencing a tax hike, all of BC is seeing a rise in property taxes the new year.

Compare the Burnaby tax hike to the approved 4.5 per cent tax increase in Vancouver and you might consider moving.

Burnaby City staff will hope to approve their official recommendation in February.

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