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Police Issued 42 Violation Tickets To Just 30 Vehicles In Burnaby

RCMP traffic sweep

Photo: @BurnabyRCMP

On Friday, August 16th, the final Burnaby RCMP traffic sweep took place with some startling discoveries.

Police say they issued 42 violation tickets to just 30 commercial vehicles.

“The final day of our joint commercial vehicle initiative saw 30 commercial vehicles inspected, 10 commercial vehicles identified as unsafe to continue and removed from the roadway, 42 violation tickets issued and 25 mechanical defects identified” reads the tweet.

The RCMP traffic sweeps took place from Tuesday, August 13th – Friday, August 16th. “The priority of this initiative was commercial vehicle enforcement which included checking for proper documentation, ensuring loads are secure and assessing the mechanical condition of commercial vehicles” reads a statement.

The final day of the RCMP traffic sweep also caught a driver who was impaired by alcohol, while also prohibited from driving. The driver was charged with driving while prohibited, issued a 24-hour licence suspension and his vehicle was impounded for seven days.

Over the four days, a total of 179 inspections were completed with 58 of those vehicles being identified as unsafe and removed from the roadway. Of the 179 vehicles that were inspected, 277 mechanical defects were identified. In total, 178 violation tickets were issued under the Motor Vehicle Act for insecure load, defective vehicle and distracted driving violations.

When you see commercial vehicles driving like this, perhaps these traffic stops should continue in the future.


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