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9 Burnaby Restaurants That Will Make You Feel Like You’re On A Holiday

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Photo: Minoas Taverna & @fattlumpia / Instagram

Escape to one of these must-visit spots if you want to feel like you’re on a holiday without ever having to leave the city.

From Vancouver to Langley, Metro Vancouver is an amazing cultural hub with tons of authentic cuisines to explore. Where each bite makes you feel like you’re in a whole different place entirely.

These Burnaby restaurants will seemingly transport you to far away locales with their unique interiors and authentic eats.


Burnaby Restaurants That Feel Like A Holiday

Minoas Greek Taverna

In operations since the mid 1980s, Minoas Taverna began over 50 years ago when the owners emigrated from Greece. Not only is the food phenomenal, but the decor will make you feel you are dining in Athens. With the traditional white walls, blue accent arches, and overhanging plants. This may be the Mediterranean escape you were looking for.

Location: 6558 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5E 1C5


L’otus Cake Boutique


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Step inside this stunning space to find some of the city’s best baked goods and sweets. You may just feel like you’ve been swept off your feet and taken to a quaint cafe in Paris. This spot is most well-known for its multi-layered crepe cakes that are out of this world.

Location: 4352 Beresford Street

Hart House

This charming restaurant is located inside a Tudor style home and offers up sweeping views of the serene Deer Lake. Given the unique architecture and lakefront views, you’ll definitely feel like you’re on vacation. Dig into a variety of delicious dishes here, from beef tenderloin and lamb sirloin to their “pasta of the moment.”

Location: 6664 Deer Lake Avenue

Fondway Cafe

Discover this bright and airy space that specializes in Asian-inspired pastries and desserts. People also often flock here for one of their many vibrant beverages, that are every bit as delicious as they are Instagram-worthy. From a violet Hawaii-inspired drink to a butterfly flower milk tea, their unique offerings are unlike any other cafe in the city.

Location: 4462 Beresford Street

Tenen Restaurant


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Try Serbian food at its finest at this joint. The cozy antique-filled restaurant will make you feel right at home with its comfort food dishes. The traditional Eastern-European food from the Balkan region features old recipes combined with an authentic ambience that will take guests on a cultural trip through the Balkans.

Location: 7569 Royal Oak Avenue

Sooda Korean BBQ

You may just be fooled into thinking you’re in Korea after digging into the authentic Korean BBQ dishes found at this joint. This spot is also home to the epic 18-inch sushi roll, which is the largest you’ll find in Metro Vancouver. It will definitely curb your hunger, but you’ll probably have to split it with a friend or two.

Location: 4455 Lougheed Highway

Abyssinia Restaurant

You probably wouldn’t expect to find authentic Ethiopian food in Burnaby but yet here we are. This restaurant whips up incredible Ethiopian cuisine that you likely won’t find anywhere else in the city. Try their signature Kifto (lean beef mixed with butter), spicy stew, lamb, or one of their many vegetarian options.

Location: 7546 Edmonds Street

Peaked Pies


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This spot is where all Aussies go to get a taste of home. It’s all about savoury Australian pies filled with ground beef, onions and gravy. They also serve a variety of other options, including beef curry, vegetarian medley, chunky pepper steak and the hopper, which is ground kangaroo in a cabarnet merlot balsamic reduction (popular in Australia).

Location: 4114 Hastings Street

Bonus: Crystal Mall Food Court


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Although not technically a restaurant, the dining experience at Crystal Mall in Burnaby will definitely make you feel like you’ve gone back to Asia.  With a variety of authentic food stalls and an extremely busy atmosphere, you’ll definitely feel the hustle and bustle of the far East.


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