Chaos in Metrotown As Parents Wait For Over 6 Hours Outside Build-A-Bear

Build-A-Bear Lineup

The Metropolis at Metrotown sees a number of long lineups throughout the year; however, yesterday’s Build-A-Bear lineup caused utter chaos.

Known for its adorable, “build your own” stuffed animals, the retailer’s storefront was the site of utter pandemonium on Thursday, July 12th.

Indeed, families lined up for hours to partake in a special promotion before being turned away by authorities. Deemed “too dangerous,” the stores were apparently unprepared for the massive turnout.

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The promotion was held across the United States and Canada, where customers could “pay their age.” As such, the event was extremely popular, which resulted in the incredible turnouts.

To make matters worse, people felt that the $15 voucher they received was a poor consolation prize.

As the store’s biggest event to date, it resulted in an outcry on social media:

Build-A-Bear Lineup

People lined up for hours before the store opened, and some customers were turned away shortly after 9.30. Afterwards, the line reopened, but the international retailer announced it was cutting off lines due to “crowds and safety concerns.”

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