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Bromance: Bieksa Misses Kesler On Canucks Roadtrips

Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kesler were considered two peas in a pod when it came to Canucks road trips.

They had a routine as follows, Bieksa would have his morning shower first, then head downstairs to order breakfast for himself and Kesler. Kesler would then shower once Bieksa was finished, and by the time he got to the restaurant downstairs, his breakfast ordered by Bieksa was ready for him on the table! Not only did they order similar breakfasts, they acted upon similar schedules bringing their bromance off the ice and into all aspects of their lives!

However, due to some concessions made in the latest collective bargaining agreement, one of the player advantages was that except for entry-level players, each player gets their own room on the road. A luxury previously given to players who had 10 years of league experience or at least 600 games played.

Bieksa admits that he really misses the routine he had with former roommate, Ryan Kesler. And boasts about how great they were together as a duo on the road.

Bieksa and Kesler weren’t the only known duo’s on the road. Alex Burrows and Mason Raymond used to be roomies, where Raymond, a former country boy, would wake up at the crack of dawn and help city boy, Alex Burrows wake up for meetings or the bus.

Burrows admits that Raymond was his alarm clock, and now he has to make sure he has a wake up call set up, his own alarm clock, plus he even has his wife call to wake him if needed!

Although many Canucks agree that their new found privacy is nice, many, including Bieksa and Kesler miss their bromances they once had.

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