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Board The Titanic II With Authentic Costumes in 2016

It looks like the Titanic. It is meant to feel like the Titanic. But the dream project will not sink like the Titanic.

We’ve all heard or watched the marvelous James Cameron film which highlighted the tragic events of the worlds largest ship over 100 years ago. However, watching the film motivated one person more than anyone to bring the Titanic back to life. We announced last Spring that a Australian billionaire was kicking off his Titanic replica project which is set to be completed by 2016 and offer passengers a ride of a lifetime. It will make its maiden voyage on 2016 from Southhampton, England to New York, carrying 2,600 passengers in 850 cabins. It will employ roughly 900 crew members. The length will be three inches longer than the original at 883 feet and include 18 lifeboats — enough for everyone on board.  Thanks to extra safety precautions, it is set to be the safest cruise ship in the world when it launches

But wait, it gets better. Passengers will  be given 1920s-area costumes, which will be included in state rooms upon arrival and will be a part of the ticket fee, to help recreate the experience. First class passengers will not be able to mingle with those in second or third class, but will be able to spend a few days in different quarters, which will require people to change clothing

Ticket prices haven’t been announced yet, but if you’re looking to take your special someone on a romantic date, this would be a grand opportunity.

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