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Blinded UBC Student Continues To Work Towards Her PHD

UBC student, Rumana Monzur, was blinded after being viciously assaulted by her husband on a visit home to Bangladesh in June. Her husband, Hassan Sayeed, is charged with attempted murder. He allegedly gouged her eyes and bit her throat and nose after a violent fight over her studies in Canada.

Monzur underwent multiple surgeries but her sight could not be saved. The diagnosis devastated Monzur but she said the support from friends and the university community gave her strength. “They treat me as the same old Rumana they knew and it feels really good,” she said.

Despite the incident leaving her blinded, Monzur is determined to continue her education.

On an interview at UBC on Tuesday Monzur stated:
“When I think about my academic life I can think about my future. Other than that for everything else I’m just living one day at a time.”

So far, $85,000 has been raised to help Monzur with her medical and living costs. Monzur is now undergoing rehabilitation training to help her live without vision. UBC says donations will be collected until the end of November.

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