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Best Pasta In Vancouver

Dine Out Vancouver 2016 Restaurant Guide

When we say the words “saucy, spicy, creamy and meaty,” what comes to mind? How about a perfect plate of piled up pasta! Here at 604 Now, we absolutely adore Italian food. Hence why we’ve decided to put together a delicious list of the best pasta joints in Vancouver. Buon appetito!

Best Pasta In Vancouver

Best Pasta In Vancouver


A modern take on Italian cuisine, Trattoria offers a fresh and simple menu with items that will transport you to beautiful Tuscany. Featuring their own Mozzarella Bar, admirable antipasti (appetizers) and of course, a variety of pasta favourites. We quite enjoy the Truffled Spaghetti & Signature Meatballs with a truffle cream and herbed ricotta. This is just one out of fourteen different dishes that will completely satisfy your carb cravings. PS – Tratt Tuesdays offers each pasta dish for only $11! Located at 1850 West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano.


Best Pasta In Vancouver

Italian Kitchen

This restaurant has a classy ambiance mixed with an old fashioned Italian feel. The photographs on the walls depict a time when families came together to feast on fresh ingredients while enjoying each other’s company. Italian Kitchen creates just that with flavourful dishes that your family will truly devour. Try the Penne Arrabiata – a medley of pancetta, garlic, tomatoes, burrata and peperoncino. Wash it all down during Cocktail Hour with $5 feature beer, wine and cocktails. Not to mention 50% off their Cocktail Hour food menu. Located at 1037 Alberni Street in Vancouver.


Best Pasta In Vancouver

Basil Pasta Bar

This little gem allows you to create your own pasta masterpiece! Pick your own pasta type (mmm, ravioli), sauce, protein, vegetables and garnish. Prices start at just $7.95. Benissimo! We love Basil Pasta Bar because they bring fresh ingredients to those on the go, who sometimes don’t have time to sit and enjoy their Italian favourites. And yes, the deliver! Check out the website for a map of available delivery locations. One last note: 6oz red/white wines are only $4 with a pasta purchase. Goodbye happy hour, hello happy day! Located at 636 Davie Street in Vancouver, and 1602 Yew Street in Kitsilano.


Best Pasta In Vancouver


What happens when Italian food is fused with Japanese flavours? SPAGHeTÉI comes to life! This restaurant is a revelation in pasta – specifically spaghetti dishes. We recommend the Barayaki: pan fried beef and onions with Barayaki sauce (similar to Teriyaki). Or if you’re feeling shrimpy, try the Egg & Shrimp pasta. Lightly cooked eggs with marinated shrimps and a mild sweet soy sauce. Located at 1741 Robson Street in Vancouver.



Ask for Luigi

We can’t get enough of Ask for Luigi. This incredible Italian restaurant boasts menu items that will shock and impress. With dishes such as Pappardelle & Wild Boar Ragu, your taste buds will launch into a new realm of Italian cuisine. Every item can be made gluten free, too! If you’re feeling frisky, try the Tagliatelle, Rabbit & Olive pasta. Just don’t tell Bugs Bunny! Located at 305 Alexander Street in Vancouver.


Best Pasta In Vancouver

Marcello Ristorante & Pizzeria

Marcello’s is usually raved about for their phenomenal wood fire oven pizza, yet the pasta doesn’t get the rightful recognition they deserve. We lick the plates each time we visit, despite receiving a couple strange looks. Truth be told, those people are just jealous they aren’t brave enough to do the same. Our absolute favourite is the Tagliatelle Pasticciati – a simple creamy tomato and meat sauce earns this pasta a special place in our heart. It’s a real plate-licker. Located at 1404 Commercial Drive in Vancouver.


Best Pasta In Vancouver

Poor Italian Ristorante

The Poor Italian Ristorante is far from poor taste. The concept behind the name focuses on how life was like back in the old days, where fresh food from simple ingredients came together to create tasty meals for families to feast on. We feel right at home with Nonna when we walk through the restaurant doors. Pasta dishes are the focal point of their menu, with 11 different items. Be sure to try the Paccheri con Salsiccia – a beautiful blend of house made pasta, mild sausage, San Marzano tomatoes, diced peppers, fresh basil and sun-dried tomatoes. Located at 3296 East 1st Avenue in Vancouver.


Vancouver is full of amazing places to dine on fine Italian pastas. Whether you’re looking for a place to create your own signature pasta (like Basil Pasta Bar) or you’d like to kick back and relax in a quaint restaurant, these pasta places are sure to keep you coming back for more linguine. Just remember, Italian’s are extremely passionate people and love their pasta, so be sure to bring your appetite because the portions are usually bigger than what your mama would whip up!

Do you have a favourite place for pasta that wasn’t mentioned above? Comment below and we’ll be sure to check it out!



Written by 604 Now’s honorary Italian: Crystal Scuor

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