Best Korean Restaurants in Vancouver

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Best Korean Restaurants in Vancouver

If you’re looking for a taste of Korea without having to go on an airplane, look no further! There are Korean restaurants all over Vancouver and the surrounding areas.  If you’re the biggest fan of Korean food, or if you want to try it for the first time, here is a list of restaurants you have to go to!


Best Korean Restaurants in Vancouver

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant is located at 5740 Imperial Street.  This is one of the top rated Korean restaurants in the city. You’re able to grill the meat right at your table, just like in restaurants in Korea. You also get complementary side dishes with any order. Dishes include kimchi jjigae, bulgogi dukbaegi, and bibimbap.


Royal Seoul House is located at 1215 West Broadway. They have many Korean dishes, including budae shabu, sundubu jjigae, and tons more. If you’re a fan of Korean food, you should definitely try out this restaurant.


Chosun Korean BBQ Restaurant is located at 3486 Kingsway Street. Come and try some galbi tang, bibimbap, or some kimchi-fried noodles. This Korean barbeque restaurant serves some of the best beef you’ll ever have.


Jang Mo Jib is located at 5075 Robson Street. This restaurant’s goal is to bring friends and family together to share healthy, delicious traditional Korean cuisine. Their menu is chalk full of soups, barbeque, hot pots, and noodles and rice.


Base Eat + Drink is located at 1578 Robson Street. This lively restaurant puts a spin on some Korean classics. They have kimchi fried rice, spicy squid, bulgogi, tuna kimchi stew, and tons of other Korean fusion dishes.


Sa Rang Chae Korean Restaurant is located at 7613 Edmonds Street. They serve some of the best Korean home cooking you will ever have. Make sure you try their kimchi jjigae, or their bulgogi, as these are some of their best dishes.


Best Korean Restaurants in Vancouver

Sura Korean Royal Cuisine is located at 1518 Robson Street. This restaurant serves some of the best authentic Korean royal cuisine. Dishes include bulgogi bibimbap, kimchi fried rice, mandu kalgusku, kimchi jjigae, and tons more. This restaurant will transport your taste buds to new destinations! Image via urbanspoon


Apgujung  Korean Cuisine is located at 1642 Robson Street. Their lunch specials include dduck galbi and your choice of noodles, kimchi stew, or soft tofu soup. Their menu is full of delicious hot pots and barbeque options.


Damso is located at 867 Denman Street. If you’re looking for a twist on Korean food, this is the restaurant for you. Their Korean tacos are some of the best, and are very affordable. Try one of their bulgogi burgers for something completely different.


Insadong Korean BBQ and Seafood Restaurant is located at 403 North Road. This restaurant has all of your favourite Korean dishes, including samgyeopsal, chicken bulgogi, and japchae. This restaurant is sure to transport you and your taste buds all the way to Korea.


What are some of your favourite Korean restaurants? Let us know in the comments!



Best Korean Restaurants in Vancouver guide by Anna Ward
Featured image Hanwoori/urbanspoon

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