The Best Coffee Roasters In Vancouver

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The Best Coffee Roasters In Vancouver

Not overly sure what a coffee roaster is?

By definition, the process of roasting coffee transforms the chemical and physical properties of typically green coffee beans, into the roasted brown version that creates coffee products.

This roasting regime is what exposes our taste buds to the characteristic flavour of coffee – by causing the green coffee beans to change in taste.

Now that you know a little background on coffee roasting, we’ve comprised a list of the best coffee roasters we’ve bean to in the 604 that you should pop into, too.

49th Parallel Roasters Official Facebook

49th Parallel Roasters Facebook

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

This special coffee roaster is prized across Canada because they have a variety of tasty beans and a close relationship with their local farmers. How very Vancouver! Try their Epic Espresso for highly concentrated caffeine paradise in a cup. Located at 2902 Main Street and 2198 West 4th.



Matchstick Coffee Roasters 

Roasting coffee is simple. And roasting coffee is complicated. Spoken like true coffee roasting pros, Matchstick promises the perfect cuppa Joe with an intimate and honest taste. They take great pride is mastering the art of turning green beans into roasted ones – the flavours reveal they’re doing something very right. Their cafes are clean, modern and unique with products that go beyond your typical coffee shop. Located at 639 East 15th Avenue, 213 East Georgia Street, and 4807 Main Street.

JJ Bean Coffee Roasters Official Facebook

JJ Bean Coffee Roasters Facebook

JJ Bean Coffee Roasters 

One of the best in the city and well-known around Canada, JJ Bean Coffee Roasters truly inspires with their finely roasted products and harmonious coffee. They make their coffee stand-out by not just being tasteable (where you have a few sips and that’s it); their product is drinkable (where you drink the whole cup, and then want another!). Multiple locations around Vancouver.

East Van Roaster Official Facebook

East Van Roaster Facebook

East Van Roasters 

The newest social enterprise from the PHS Community Services Society, East Van Roasters focuses on bringing exquisite bean-to-bar chocolate and flavourful roasted coffee to the city. The best part? The coffee joint employs women residents of the Rainier Hotel – giving them hope and a second chance while crafting perfect coffee for the community. See what makes them more than just a coffee shop. Located at 319 Carrall Street.

Milano Coffee Official Facebook

Milano Coffee Facebook

Milano Coffee Roasters 

This special coffee shop holds a warm place in our hearts. For 75 years, Italian coffee heritage has blended with the flavours of the West Coast to bring Vancouver a perfect pour. You’ll fall in love with the European-style roasted coffee that tastes like home. Francesco Curatolo has shared his roasting expertise with us all, so be sure to give their espresso a shot! Located at West 8th, Gastown, and Denman.

Timbertrain Coffee Roasters Facebook

Timbertrain Coffee Roasters Facebook

Timbertrain Coffee Roasters 

Their quest is simple: Timbertrain Coffee Roasters wants to present you with the perfectly brewed coffee made from perfectly roasted beans. They take their time with the roasting process through a methodical, measured and mastered technique. Try their delicious Cold Brew Coffee! Located at 311 West Cordova in Vancouver and #110 – 19736 98th Avenue in Langley.


Rocanini Coffee Roasters 

Take a drive out to the Mount Pleasant area and find this little cup of coffee heaven. Rocanini allows you to watch their masters at work as they slowly roast each bean to release a beautiful aroma in every mug of coffee. Pair that with one of their divine treats or sandwiches, you won’t regret stopping by! Located at 127 West 5th and 115 – 3900 Moncton Street in Richmond.


Did we miss one of your favourite roasters? Drop us a comment and we’ll be sure to check them out.

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