The Best Chinese Restaurants In Metro Vancouver

Chinese Restaurants In Metro Vancouver

Vancouver is THE place to grab some of the best Asian eats in North America and of course, that includes Chinese food.  

As for the question of the best Chinese restaurant in Metro Vancouver? That’s no easy answer since each region in China has its own specialty. That’s why we asked for recommendations from nine local foodies that will cover cravings between the five lakes and four seas.

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Best Chinese Restaurants In Metro Vancouver

Mott 32

Recommended by: Jovi (@nomsofvan)

What Jovi had to say about it: Mott32 is one of my favourites when it comes to Chinese food. It might be on the pricier side but is well worth the experience! They are known for their Signature Peking Duck with thin crispy skin, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, the most memorable dish for me was the Lobster Ma Po Tofu, the sweet lobster meat and numbing spices were such a unique combination of flavours that went so well together! Try it for yourself, you will not regret it!

Where to get it: 1161 W Georgia St, Vancouver

Hong Kong Flavour  

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|| NEW SPOT IN RICHMOND 🇭🇰 Can we take a quick moment to talk about this awesome newly opened Hong Kong restaurant in my hood? Since Alleluia and Happy Date closed down, it’s gotten a lot more difficult to find decent HK style breakfasts. — From what I heard, they opened last week and the response from the neighbourhood has been great so far. My cousin @kristyxo8 passed by the store a couple times and each time there was a line out the door. We planned ahead of time to try their breakfast menu at 8am just to avoid the lineups. — Upon entering, we noticed that the interior is very carefully crafted, with a modern traditional Hong Kong 茶餐廳 (Cha Chang Tang) theme. From the wooden tables, the patterned walls, to the TV playing news in Cantonese, everything felt familiar, making me feel extra nostalgic. — Asides from the authentic plating and food selections, the highlight of our visit here was definitely the French toast. The toast is layered with kaya in the middle and the bread is super fluffy. I’m looking forward to my next visit to try all of their other food options already! #BlackholetummyAdventures — 👆🏻DOUBLE TAP IF YOU LOVE HK FOOD — 📍: Hong Kong Flavour Restaurant (104-10151 No 3 Road) 🍴: Spam & Eggs w/ French Toast, Shredded Ham Macaroni, Spam & Egg Sandwich

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Recommended by: Melody (@blackholetummy)

What they had to say about it:  This spot has been the talk of the town since its opening and has become the spot for satisfying my cravings for Cantonese food. From classic dishes like macaroni ham & soup to crowd’s favourites like baked pork chop rice, they’ve got it all.

My ultimate go-to dish every time I visit has got to be the Hong Kong style French toast. The restaurant does a flawless rendition of this dish. It is a thick fluffy toast stuffed with Canton style coconut Kaya, deep fried to perfection, then served with butter on top and a side of maple syrup. I’m drooling as I type this…

Mind you though, since the restaurant is still relatively new and the wait may be lengthy sometimes.

Where to get it:  10151 No 3 Rd #104 in Richmond

R & H Chinese Food

Recommended by:  Sophia (@sopheats)

What they had to say about it:  My pick for best Chinese Restaurant might be shocking because it’s not even a restaurant! R&H Chinese Food is nothing more than a food court stall but don’t let that fool you. This stall inside Lansdowne mall serves up juicy steamed pork buns that aunties hand make right in front of you. This is definitely a tasty and affordable hidden gem!

Where to get it: 5300 No 3 Rd in Richmond (inside Lansdowne Mall food court)

Joojak Restaurant

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$13.95 for steamed chilli chicken. The reason we got this was because of @mikexingchen doing an episode of Xi'an food in Vancouver. He said it was really good and I thought this was really good! You get a strong kick of spicy flavour mixed with the tender juicy chicken. This is similar to Haianese chicken but elevated to the next level. Highly recommend getting this. LOL the spicy is manageable. . . . . We grabbed this at Joojak (Kingsway – Vancouver) . . . . Always nice enjoying food with you guys – @creamylicks @blogoodies @eatingwithvee #xianfood #chicken #foodcoma #instafood #foodlife #604now #foodstagram #vancouver #f52grams #vancitybuzz #eeeeeats #foodoftheday #instafoodie #curiocityvan #604food #dishedvan #foodporn #604foodie #mixvancouver #yelpvancouver #vancity #britishcolumbia #dailyhivevan #gastropostvan #igvancouver #nomsmag #604eats #crunchvancouver #joojak #chillichicken

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Recommended by: Howard (@food_with_howie)

What they had to say about it: I highly recommend Joojak. Their chilli oil chicken aka saliva chicken is the best ever! The chicken is really tender and juicy and it pairs really well with the mild chilli and chilli oil. Don’t worry, the spicy is manageable. I can eat this every day!

Where to get it: 3337 Kingsway in Vancouver

Congee Noodle King

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Nothing like a bowl of good old Hong Kong style egg noodles – 📷: BBQ Duck with Noodle 🍗🍲 in Soup Feeling hungry and yearning for more food after leaving Busy Noodle, I went for a second round of dinner at Congee Noodle King. Rather than get something dry again, I craved for a hot bowl of noodle soup. This was so satisfying with the BBQ duck, and it was at least a toonie cheaper. Congee Noodle King is one of my favourite Cantonese spots to hit up when in Burnaby. They are a pretty solid place to eat with fairly quick and efficient service, though I would avoid peak times or you may end up queueing. In between, I hope you're not feeling annoyed that this is my fourth noodle post in a row. I love my noodles (my kind of comfort food) and today is National “Eat Your Noodles” Day. A seemingly fitting excuse to post more about noodles! – . . .

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Recommended by:  @vanfoodventure

What they had to say about it:  Whenever I crave for some Cantonese food, Congee Noodle King would be one spot I’d go to. Their menu is extensive, offering a whopping 34 different kinds of congee, all types of noodles, and plenty of selections beyond the two. For noodle soup, I like their classic wonton noodle and BBQ duck noodle soup. I recently discovered their dried oyster preserved egg & shredded pork congee and like it! Most places have congee with preserved egg and shredded pork, but few will include dried oysters. The food at Congee Noodle King is on par and well portioned, at a reasonable price. Not to mention they have long operating hours (from 9 am to  2 am every day except Wednesdays), offering breakfast to late-night meals.

Where to get it:  3313 Kingsway in Vancouver

Happy Tree BBQ

Recommended by: Sylvia (@food.thyme)

What they had to say about it: Happy Tree is definitely the place to go for delicious Chinese BBQ skewers. While the lamb skewers are always a good choice, one of my favourite items is the spicy assorted house special hot pot. Filled with spicy chilli oil sauce, it includes 20 assorted skewers of fishballs, tripe, and more.

Where to get it: Two locations in Vancouver and Richmond

Vancouver: 3502 Kingsway

Richmond: 8171 Alexandra Rd #105

Xi’an Cuisine

Recommended by: Caleb & Nerissa (@forkthatdish)

What they had to say about it: This little spot is a great place for affordable and delicious dishes — definitely worth checking out. We really enjoyed the cold noodles there. They tasted amazing and don’t make you feel guilty/greasy for eating them. Perfect light snack and appetizer!

Where to get it: 8260 Westminster Hwy in Richmond (inside the Richmond Public Market)

Shanghai Dimsum House

Recommended by: Anthony (@_maanthony)

What they had to say about it: Whenever I think of Chinese comfort food, I think of Shanghai Dimsum House. It’s one of my favourite convenient places to order some delicious juicy Shanghainese soup dumplings (xiao long bao). These XLBs just melts right in your mouth and their broth is very flavourful! It’s definitely a must-try whenever you’re at Crystal Mall.

Where to get it: 4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2B1 (inside the Crystall Mall food court)  

Meat Up

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Instead of Happy Tree, boyfriend suggested Meat Up @themeatuprestaurant on Granville St! He passed by few times and he really wanted to try 😆🤣 – First we had the XL Lamb skewers $9.95 each : meat was great and onion + green pepper were nicely cook😍 Black Pepper Beef skewers👍🏻 we ordered regular lamb skewers, honey pork belly, bbq pork. *Meat Up’s skewers do not have a lot of cumin! Each skewer tastes a bit different! There is cumin and chilli pepper on the side which you can add as much as you like! – Highlight: They serve 🥔Potato Hurricane/ Tornados $2.95each!You don’t have line up at night market and get to enjoy it😁 There is ketchup/ cheddar/ sour cream and onion/ spicy flavours 👍🏻 – #meatup #meatupbbq #meatonastick #skewers #yvreats #vancouvereats #vancouverfood #vancouverfoodie #dishedvan #vancouverisawesome #dailyhivevan #foodblog #foodie #yvrfoodie #nomnom #604eats #narcityvancouver #marpole #gastropostvan #getinmybelly #cameraeatsfirst #f52grams #nomsmag #foodlover #vancityeats #dhvanfood #foodporn #相機食先 #美味しい #맛스타그램

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Recommended by:  Sam (@blogoodies)

What they had to say about it:  A new Northern Chinese style BBQ! The meats taste great and their veggies were nicely cooked. One of the highlights is their hurricane potato skewers. The popular night market snacks were only at $2.95 each here. They offer a variety of flavours including ketchup, cheddar,  sour cream and onion, and more.

Where to get it: 7994 Granville St in Vancouver


Where are some of your favourite places to grab Chinese food in Metro Vancouver? Let us know what you think below!

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