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Best Brunch Spots in Vancouver

Best Brunch Spots in Vancouver

The time between about 9am and 1pm is always the perfect time for brunch. Whether you’re into classic eggs benedict or innovative Belgian waffles, brunch is the perfect time to celebrate special occasions, or just relax with friends and family. Below is our list of some great brunch spots in Vancouver.

Best Brunch Spots in Vancouver

Best Brunch Spots in Vancouver

Catch 122 Café & Bistro is located at 122 West Hastings Street. Their brunch menu is served all week long. They serve French toast, eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, and many more. This café is great for having brunch with friends and family, and having a great time!


Medina Café is located at 556 Beatty Street. They serve bistro inspired breakfast, lunch and brunch foods. On their brunch menu there is a dish called saucisse maison, which is consists of a house made pork sausage, a soft boiled egg, with a baked plum and grilled potato baguette, all served on a frisee salad. Their menu also consists of many other French bistro inspired items.


Twisted Fork Bistro is located at 1147 Granville Street. This bistro believes in classic French dining made simple. Their brunch is served seven days a week from 9am to 2pm. Their menu consists of banana stuffed French toast, asparagus scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, and many other classic brunch staples.


Fable Kitchen is located at 1944 West 4th Avenue. Brunch at this restaurant is served on weekends only, but is definitely worth the wait. Their brunch menu consists of scrambled eggs, French toast, fruit salads, and many others.


Sophie’s Cosmic Café is located at 2095 West 4th Avenue. They serve breakfast and brunch everyday from 8am to 5pm. They serve a wide selection of eggs, as well as Belgian waffles, French toast, and buttermilk pancakes.


The Teahouse in Stanley Park is a great spot for a more upscale brunch. Their brunch menu consists of eggs benedict, Belgian waffles, and many more. Brunch is only served on weekends, making The Teahouse perfect for special occasions.


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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar is located at 1703 Robson Street. This restaurant serves only the best Belgian waffles you can imagine. The cozy atmosphere the restaurant has to offer is perfect for enjoying your waffles.


Brown Dog Café is located at 4544 West 10th Avenue. This family owned and operated serves breakfast and brunch all day. They have many different kinds of breakfast sandwiches on their menu, as well as traditional breakfasts and pancakes and French toast. Brown Dog Café is perfect for a quite relaxing brunch.


Best Brunch Spots in Vancouver

Marulilu Café is located at 451 West Broadway Street. This café serves a Japanese and North American fusion brunch. Their menu consists of waffles, eggs benedict, and other brunch foods. They also serve a Japanese style breakfast, with grilled salmon, omelette, and miso soup. This café is perfect for those who want to try something a little different from a traditional brunch.



Written by: Anna Ward
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