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Bella Gelateria Adds Buffalo Milk Gelato To Menu

Bella Gelateria Adds Buffalo Milk Gelato To Menu

Just ahead of summer, gelato lovers can look forward to a healthier version of their favorite cold snack.

James Coleridge, ‘Maestro gelatiere’ and owner of Bella Gelateria has created his own version of Gelato di Bufala – water buffalo milk gelato which substitutes out cow milk.

The custom treat has 40 per cent more protein, 58 per cent more calcium, 37 per cent more iron, and 43 per cent less cholesterol and sodium than cow’s milk. It’s silky, velvety satin, creamy texture and buttery taste is  said to be similar to the famous bufala mozzarella Italian cheese renowned in Italy.

The buffalo milk is imported locally from a dairy farm in Abbotsford.

Currently, Bella Gelateria is only the gelateria in Canada to offer buffalo milk gelato. The idea of buffalo milk and gelato/ice cream was previously used in Calgary and Toronto, but had limited success in both cities and was ultimately discontinued by the vendors.

Gelato di Bufala is available in both of Bella Gelateria’s locations in Coal Harbour and Yaletown with the following flavours: lemon, chocolate, fior di Latte (flower of milk) and white coffee.

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Image via Bella Gelateria

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