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BC Whale Uses Boat As A Scratch Post (Video)

BC Whale Uses Boat As A Scratch Post (Video)

Whales have made their presence felt in British Columbia this summer with numerous sightings including the young grey whale swimming past Stanley Park, and the 50+ orca dance party.

The most recent sighting was published on YouTube, and shows a humpack whale using a boat as a scratch post for nearly an hour. Shell Busey, the uploader shares the experience:

August 19th, travelling along the coast of BC in the Lewis Passage between Gil and Fin Islands we spotted a number of humpback whales in the distance; as we got closer, we could see one whale splashing and flipping in the water.

As the boat slowed, and then stopped, the whale approached. It came alongside the boat and started rubbing it’s back on the underside of the boat. For close to an hour it continued to roll, spout, wave it’s flippers and enjoy it’s encounter with the boat.

It was a once in a lifetime experience we are happy to share.

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