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BC Summer Drought And Fires May Lead More Wildlife Into Cities

Bears at Grouse Mountain. BC Summer Drought And Fires May Lead More Wildlife Into Cities

Given the state of British Columbia’s fires and drought this summer, there may be more wildlife animals visiting local cities soon, in addition to the deer wandering around in Vancouver earlier this week.

According to wildlife experts, the drought may force human-wildlife encounters in urban areas throughout metro Vancouver.

“In years like this where we don’t have a lot of rainfall, we see the bears come into cities more frequently, and also earlier in the summer and later in the fall,” Jesse Zeman of the B.C. Wildlife Federation told CBC.

With the dry and hot conditions, food becomes more scarce. For animals such as bears, this means less grass and berries. The drought also causes lower water levels in rivers, which ultimately leads to a reduction of salmon and fish wild animals rely on.

As food supplies shrink, animals have less to eat and tend to wander further outside their natural habitats.

Ironically, the 100+ fires burning in B.C. is great in the long run for biodiversity.

“When a fire goes through, it brings things back to an early stage where berries are able to really proliferate.” adds Zeman.


Image via Grouse Mountain Resort

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