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BC Ferries Bans Staying In Vehicles On Lower Decks And Smoking Everywhere

BC Ferries

Photo: BC Ferries

Starting this fall, anyone used to taking a comfortable nap in their car during a BC ferry ride will no longer have that option.

In addition, smokers will find the ride a much longer when a total smoking ban comes into full swing starting next year.

BC Ferries Bans Smoking – Staying in Vehicles On Lower Decks

Starting on October 11th the company will implement the vehicle ban on all lower decks due to safety concerns raised by Transport Canada; however, passengers on higher decks will still be able to stay in their cars.


Apparently, BC Ferries states they will take a “soft approach” to the policy by asking passengers to leave their cars once sailing commences. Closer to disembarkation customers will be allowed to return to their vehicles.

On Tuesday, August 22nd, the company also announced that smoking will be completely banned on board and in all terminals starting on January 22nd, 2018.

They will also take a soft approach to the smoking ban, allowing passengers time to adjust.

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