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B.C. Had Canada’s Lowest Unemployment Rate in January, But That’s Now Changed

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While there were more than 30,000 jobs added in Canada last month, those numbers have greatly varied, from province to province.

B.C. had the lowest rate of unemployment in January, but that rate has altered over the last month.

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B.C.’s jobless rate was at 4.5% in January, but it jumped up to 5% last month.

That number is currently tied with Manitoba, while Quebec has the lowest jobless rate. Quebec is seeing its lowest unemployment rate in 40 years.

That aligns with the rest of Canada, which is overall at a near 40-year-low for its unemployment rate

But although 37,600 full-time jobs were gained, the country lost 7,300 part-time positions, compared to January.

Vancouver’s unemployment rate is slightly lower than the B.C. average at 4.4% compared to 4.5% the previous month.

Another interesting fact is that the unemployment rate among women, 25 years and older, is slightly lower than men of the same age. The difference between the two is 4.7% among women and 4.9% among men.

The overall unemployment numbers are looking pretty good however, considering several businesses and industries have reported a downturn due to the Coronavirus.

The Vancouver airport alone predicts 1.3 million fewer travellers this year.

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