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Vancouver’s First Top-Tier Driving Simulator Centre Opens In Richmond

Axon Driver Solutions Driving SImulators Richmond Vancouver

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A driving simulator centre has recently opened in Aberdeen Mall in Richmond, and it’s the first of its kind in Metro Vancouver.

Axon Driver Solutions’ simulators offer the unique experience of learning how to be a Nascar racer, as well as everyday-driving like practicing for your road test.

“A lot of people take the written test…but when they jump into the car and need to make quick decisions, they’re not used to it and get nervous,” Dean Chen, director and lead instructor, told Richmond News. “It’s not an easy learning environment.”

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So that’s why Axon first came to life two years ago. It’s an opportunity for people to have that first bit of driving experience before getting on the road.

Chen stresses this centre is not like an arcade centre and that Formula 1 drivers actually use simulators to practice.

Driving Centre ICBC Approved

It even has ICBC backing it. The centre offers an ICBC-approved driving school that combines the simulator with class hours and on-road training.


In fact, more training centres across B.C. are taking up programs such as this to help drivers get started.

That being said, Chen understands it’s important to have real on-the-road training as well.

“We’re supportive of using technology such as simulators as part of comprehensive driver training programs, but we believe that nothing can replace actual experience and time spent on the road,” he said.

The centre uses mechanics that provide 80-90% of real-time feedback to simulate being in a real car.

Drop-in prices for Axon begin at $20 for 15 minutes to $55 for an hour. Or you can get 10 half-hour sessions for $160.

The centre is open seven days a week, with varying hours.

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