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Andrew Scheer Announces He’s Stepping Down as Conservative Party Leader

Conservative leader Scheer steps down

Photo: The Canadian Club of Toronto / Flickr

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer announced Thursday morning he is stepping down as leader of the party.

Scheer called a meeting to tell his caucus the news, after facing internal division about his ability to lead. According to Global News, it comes as a result that he was using party money to pay for his children’s private schooling.

“This was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make,” he said, Thursday morning. “I have announced my intention to step down as the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada once a new leader is elected. I am putting my party first and my family first.”

The Conservative Party held an annual general meeting in Calgary last month. Two minutes into his speech, a few members of the party walked out, showing their disapproval of his leadership.

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During the meeting, the leader said he’s “entirely uninterested in what the talking heads, the naysayers and the people who make their money by stirring up division in our party have to say.”

Both progressive and social Conservatives have called for him to step down. But Scheer said that’s a distraction from the real issues of what the party is trying to achieve.

“If we take the bait and start fighting amongst ourselves now, we are handing (the Liberals) the ultimate victory,” he said.

Conservative Election Loss

Andrew Scheer was elected as Leader of the Conservative Partyback in 2017. During the October federal election, the party lost to the Liberals, securing 122 seats, compared to the Liberals’ 157 seats.

“Although the challenges we face are indeed big, I remain hopeful. Because Canada was built on Conservative values and Conservative values will be what get us back on track,” he said during his post-election speech.

Scheer offered to stay on as the party leader until the party selects a replacement. He joins Elizabeth May, who also stepped down as the leader of her party following the election.

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